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InterCCom Workshop - March 2023

The workshop held in March 2023 was highly successful, as it brought together a diverse group of individuals, including both new and familiar faces, for a series of insightful sessions that spanned three days. The project is supported by IDEX Formation and Innovacs (Fédération de recherche Innovation, connaissances et société) and the workshop was hosted at the Maison de la Création et de l’Innovation at Université Grenoble Alpes. There was a total of 26 attendees who came from all around the globe: Thailand, Italy, France, Canada, Brazil, Japan, and China. The occasion facilitated not only the establishment of professional connections and joint efforts but also commemorated the richness of cultural variety as attendees participated in intellectually stimulating conversations and exchanged concepts. The event encompassed a range of activities, including a review of past workshops and brainstorming for future improvements which left the participants feeling motivated and enthusiastic about making valuable contributions to the gaming industry. 

Group picture of the participants on the first day of the workshop.
Prof. Anne Bartel-Radic’s welcome address to all the participants.

Networking sparks excitement.

Starting with networking and an icebreaker activity, the workshop supported a conducive atmosphere for a lively and stimulating event, where the values of cultural diversity, cooperation and mutual learning were emphasized. 

The Ice breaker and networking session between the participants

Reflecting on Past Successes & Presentation of the Current Games

A refresher session aimed to review past successes for both new and returning participants This set the stage for a meaningful exchange of ideas and experiences. By acknowledging past accomplishments, the workshop participants were able to build upon existing foundations and explore new avenues for growth. This session and the welcome address was conducted by Anne Bartel-Radic (Professor in Management and Director of Research at Sciences Po Grenoble – UGA). Anne Bartel-Radic also presented LINK the serious game, InterCCom Games’ first game about cultural differences in international virtual teams. Following this opening, the other games in the collection were presented.

Prof. Anne Bartel-Radic highlights the journey so far with regard to the previous workshops and past success of the GenaGame.
  • Danielle Taylor Researcher & Lecturer in Management at Sciences Po Grenoble – Laboratoire CERAG) presented ELITE The Serious Game about communicating in a multilingual virtual team.  Danielle also presented the GenaGame gaming platform, which was also developed within the InterCCom Games project and which aims to serve as a platform for game creation and data export for research.
  •  Frédéric Prévot spoke about a tool for measuring emotions in the form of face readers this is a work in progress.
  • Somjai Siritrakankij presented CRIT the serious game about conflict resolution in virtual intercultural teams.
  • Hamza Asshidi presented MYM the serious game about corporate social responsibility. 
  • Kaiyu (Karrie) Yang presented SOS the serious game about sharing knowledge in organizations.
  • Dr. Vincent Ribiere and Erwan Henry  talked about bringing in more innovation and improvement to GenaGame.


The interactive experience stimulated discourse on feedback, recommendations, and concepts for enhancing the games and influencing the trajectory of the InterCCom games.

The workshop offered a stimulating and all-encompassing forum for individuals passionate about research using games to network, acquire knowledge, and make valuable contributions. The event facilitated a promising future for InterCCom Games by highlighting cultural diversity, reflecting on past achievements, exhibiting game advancements, and promoting feedback. All these experiences contributed to an atmosphere of unity, ultimately leaving participants feeling motivated, inspired, and eager to make a lasting impact on digital games for education and research.

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