InterCCom Games


English Language
in International TEams

Communicate effectively to lead your multilingual virtual team to success!



Learn about communication strategies and leadership techniques to better work with people from different backgrounds and countries, especially online. Players will be evaluated and receive feedback on their choices pertaining to leadership, intercultural competence and 4 communication strategies.


Gain insight and develop your communication & leadership skills before jumping into your next international collaboration!

Knowing how to best communicate with people in a global virtual team is a skill that will help you become more efficient in your work.


Use an innovative learning method which immerses students into an international project. Students will experience the ups and downs of leading a global virtual team, all while receiving feedback on their choices within the game.

The game can be used to start discussion in a variety of topics (international/ intercultural management, HR, English classes…).


Want to test the waters and learn what it’s like to work in a large, international project without the actual pressure of messing up, all while having a little fun along the way? Here you go!

This game will empower you to lead and communicate with confidence. You’ll learn about communication strategies that you can use online.


Your primary mission is to coordinate a group of eight people located across the world to organize a product launch event in Thailand.
During the game you will :

  • Work with people from the UK, the USA, France, Portugal, Brazil and Thailand
  • Address the challenges of online work & communication
  • Organize meetings & designate tasks to plan an international event
  • Use multiple communication channels
  •  Make important decisions that influence your path through the game and your team’s success
infography game intro: "We are pleased to introduce our newest product Unique Perfume. To introduce our product to the market, we are planning on an international product launch event in Thailand. You have been hired as a team coordinator to plan this event." picture of a map of Thailand.
Picture of all the game characters with their names, roles and origins


Language : English (well, mostly…)
Duration : approximately 2 hours total (variable depending on player choices and the possibility to justify responses)
Structure : The game is structured in 5 parts, which can be played across 5 sessions.
Research : This game was used for a PhD research project in 2022. Ongoing data collection allows us to continually improve the game.
Additional information : This game is a perfect way to practice your English. You can use a dictionary or whatever tools you usually use, and if you choose to write a justification, you can write it in any language.


silhouette of the elite game character with task paper in hand

Having played this game myself, I can highly recommend it. It is very realistic and I thoroughly enjoyed it. By the end I was so immersed in the project that I was really proud of my team.”

Anne-Wil Harzing,
Professor in International
Management at Middlesex University

silhouette of the elite game character with task paper in hand

“Playing the game is a great experience: it is so fun and informative. I learned a lot about international team leadership, intercultural communication and myself along the way!”

Jessica Small,
English Lecturer at Université
Grenoble Alpes

silhouette of the elite game character with task paper in hand

“I think it’s fun to discover the different ways people are interacting with each other considering their cultures.”

Student at Sciences Po Grenoble


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