InterCCom Games


InterCCom Games

Serious games for training and research

The InterCCom project is developing digital serious games for pedagogy and innovative research on collaboration in global virtual teams. Each game is based on an interactive storyline that simulates the interactions between members of an international project team.

The targeted competencies relate to intercultural competence, English as a foreign language, conflict management, knowledge sharing, creativity, teamwork and business ethics. Games are being developed in many languages depending on the need. They can be used in a multitude of academic and professional training contexts.

Furthermore, The project team is interdisciplinary and international, including Professors from different regions of the world and PhD candidates in management, IT and languages and civilizations, as well as international experts in intercultural management and in knowledge and innovation management.

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A serious game is a term used to designate games used for education.
Additionally, the vocation of a serious game is therefore to make the serious dimension attractive through a form, interactivity, rules and possibly playful objectives. Serious games are also used by companies to train employees.
Our serious games are based on the principles and advantages of experiential learning and allow the player to be immersed in order to learn by themselves.



  • Innovative training through games: digital, fun, interactive
  • Learning about international collaboration through simulated “real-life” situations
  • Possibility of obtaining a certification (open badge)


  • Turnkey” tools
  • Multiple contexts for use: English courses, Management, Preparation of foreign assignments
  • Ability to develop your own interactive content


  • A highly innovative experimental methodology
  • Data collection for social science research through serious games
  • An opportunity to include participants from all over the world


The games that are developed by the InterCCom team focus on notions of managerial notions, emotions, knowledge, language proficiency…
They are all Single-player games that guide you through many different story lines and help you develop new skills.

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Link the serious game logo
Coordinate a highly culturally diverse team
Mym the serious game logo
Manage sustainably in an international company
Crit the serious game logo
Coordinate a highly culturally diverse team
ELite the serious game logo
Communicate effectively in a multilingual team
Sos the serious game logo
Share your knowledge to collaborate
Work in progress...w


GenaGame is the innovative and unique serious games’ hosting platform. On Gengame, you will get the opportunity to work with your team on creating your very own serious game to complete your own goals. And, you can make your learners play with existing games to create a deeply stimulating learning experience.

You can access more information on each of those project
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