InterCCom Games



An international team.

InterCCom Games Leader

As a full professor of management at Sciences Po Grenoble / University Grenoble Alpes, Anne Bartel-Radic has initiated the InterCCom project in 2018. Originally from Germany, Anne is implementing and supervising research on the management of cultural and language diversity, and more generally strategic management of organizations in an international context.

InterCCom Games Team Co-Leader

Vincent is the co-Founder and the Managing Director of the Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Southeast Asia (IKI-SEA), a center of Excellence at Bangkok University. He is the founder and Program Director of the Ph.D. in Knowledge Management and Innovation Management (Ph.D. KIM) at Bangkok University which is a research partner of the InterCCom International research project. In collaboration with the InterCCOm research team, Vincent is advising PhD candidates on their research related to developing engaging serious games.

InterCCom Games Team Co-Leader

Danielle Taylor is an Associate Professor in management at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Originally from Colorado (USA) and having spent over 10 years in France, Danielle is interested in learning how language diversity and communication practices influence collaboration in global virtual teams. As part of her research, she built ELITE The Serious Game which was tested and played by over 600 people around the world. As an InterCCom Games team co-leader, she aids in the conceptualization, design and creation of serious games using the GenaGame platform.


HAMZA ASSHIDI, is originate from Grenoble, France. He holds a PhD in management, and is a lecturer at Grenoble Alpes University. His research focuses on the management of multinational companies, ethics and CSR, as well as on intercultural management. Hamza has been part of the InterCCom adventure since its beginning, and has developed the game MYM, Manage Your Management.


Ms. Somjai Siritrakankij joined the workshop to develop LINK The Serious Game in 2019 and then created CRIT The Serious Game as part of her Ph.D. dissertation in Knowledge Management and Innovation Management at Bangkok University in collaboration with the Grenoble Alpes University. CRIT stands for conflict resolution in intercultural teams, which aims to allow the players to experience different conflict scenarios and choose their preferred choice of conflict resolution style through gameplay.

Kaiyu (Karrie) YANG is an Associate Professor in School of Foreign Languages, Baise University, China. She obtained her PhD at the Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Southeast Asia (IKI-SEA), Bangkok University. Her research interest is in knowledge management and intercultural studies. Supported by the InterCCom project, she co-created SOS the Serious Game, which looks into organizational employees’ knowledge-hiding behavior and is currently active on the GenaGame platform.


Shahab Ahmadi is a PhD student at the University of Grenoble Alpes. He studies the role of emotions in global virtual teams. At the same time, he is a business consultant and he works with a company in Iran.

Estelle is a former student of Grenoble Alpes University. She specialized in management and ran financial departments in SME’s during 3 years. She now focuses on gender equality into the professional sphere and wants to develop a serious game about this topic.

Diep TRA

Diep Tra is a lecturer/researcher in University of Economics, The University of Danang, Vietnam and is pursuing PhD degree in Grenoble Alps University In France. Her research interest is in the field of organizational behavior and human resource management. Currently, she studies the impact of humour in intercultural online collaboration.


Aurora Carneiro Zen is an experienced associate professor in Innovation Management at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. She has a strong background in international collaboration, serving as a Visiting Professor at multiple universities. As a former director of projects and services at Zenit Science Park, she currently coordinates AcelerEA – a business accelerator and research group on entrepreneurship, innovation, and market. Aurora Carneiro Zen has published extensively on topics such as international business, strategy, wine industry, innovation, innovation capability, and science parks. Her research interests encompass innovation, business, strategy, entrepreneurship, and the wine industry.

Alain Cucchi is Associate Professor of Universities of management sciences at the University of La Réunion and Deputy Director of Research at IAE. Based at the Institute of Business Administration (IAE), he directs the Observatory of Digital Uses (OBSUN) within the Indian Oceanic Institute of Digital (IIN) and holds the position of Data Protection Officer. (Data Protection Officer DPO). Specialized in Information Systems, his research focuses on the digital transformations of organizations.


Philippe Mouillot is an associate professor at IAE, Poitiers University, France. He is habilitated to supervise research. His research areas cover talent management and international management and marketing.

Fabienne Munch holds a PhD in management from Grenoble Alps University. Her areas of expertise are international team and project management, and design.

Michael Viegas-Pires is an associate professor at University Versailles Saint Quentin, France. He is habilitated to supervise research. His research areas cover international management and entrepreneurship.

Frederic PREVOT

Frédéric Prévot is Senior Professor in Strategy and International Management at KEDGE Business School. He is an alumnus of the International Teachers Program at IMD (Lausanne, Switzerland) and he was a visiting professor at the Cameron School of Business at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (USA). His research interests include inter-firm relationships, competence-based management and corporate reputation.