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The platform that revolutionizes learning an research.

GenaGame stands for generate a game and is a bilingual web platform in French and English that hosts educational games, interactive research protocols and much more…

The platform allows the creation, configuration and execution of games, the management of groups of participants and the exploitation of collected data. These activities are linked to different access rights on the platform including game creator, teacher or researcher.

Designed to work with different people in different ways

Make any serious game with your own personalized goals whether it is to conduct a research using innovative technology or to gamify the way you teach. You can work with anyone as no specific technical competencies is required to use the platform.

Play, learn, export

Teacher’s Role

Teachers create groups and invite players on the platform. When creating groups, they select a game and define the group’s name and duration of access. Then, teachers invite players by sending an invitation email from the GenaGame platform. The player validates their account on the GenaGame platform and can directly access the game to which they were invited.

Game construction

Game creators are given access to create games that consist of several scenes. Each scene is represented in GenaGame by a series of digital resources (PDF, video or image), multiple choices questions and questionnaires.
The game creator links the resources, questions
and questionnaires in the desired order.

Furthermore, different answers to multiple choice questions can lead to different subsequent resources, thereby creating different game pathways. Through the creation of different game pathways, the storyline becomes more realistic and responsive to the player.

Game Scores

The game creator defines one or more “dimensions” or themes, which serve to evaluate the player. The game creator pre defines the dimension for each question and corresponding score (a numerical score or neutral) for each answer. The average scores of all the dimensions are displayed on the last screen at the end of the game.

With each response to a multiple choice question, the player also has the possibility (or not) of “justifying the response” in free text format in a dedicated window.

Export your players
gaming data

GenaGame records all of the choices made by a player throughout a game. This includes the answers chosen for multiple choices questions, answers to questionnaires, any written justifications and scores for each of the predefined dimensions. This data can then be exported in a spreadsheet.

Three formats are possible : per player (which is accessible by both the player and researcher), per group (which is only accessible by a teacher), per game (which is only accessible by a researcher).

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You will need an access to create, play or share a game on the GenaGame platform. If you are interested in creating a game, please contact us at

Also, if you want to play a game as an independent player or using one of the solutions we developed in your business or course, please find the specific contact person on the dedicated game page or again contact